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In addition to paid parenting consultations and psychotherapy, I offer free parenting support and educational groups. Our Attachment Parenting Group meets once per month centering on a topic of interest to members, while the virtual AP WhatsApp group serves to provide education, answer parenting questions, provide ongoing support between meetings, and coordinate the monthly meetings. Our COVID19 Parenting Support Group was established following the outbreak of Coronavirus in Turkey to provide psychological support to parents and resources for their children via WhatApp. And through my Facebook Page, I share resources regarding developmental and attachment psychology, strategies to support child psychological development and effectively manage behavioral issues, and self-care for parents.

The following are testimonials written by members of these groups. Members provided permission to have their thoughts published here:

"With my 9 month old son, I am still new to parenting and I'm very thankful I cam across Heather's Attachment Parenting groups. She shares a wealth of information as well as personal experiences on how to constructively deal with a child's emotions and how to reconnect when the connection has been lost. She has provided me with insights into my own parenting inclinations and pitfalls and in general forms a great support on my parenting path." - Esther B.

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